Abby included in Advocate's guide to getting through the summer

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"In the DVD realm, we've fallen for YouTube star Abby Lentz's very amazing workout series called HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today. The series has something for everyone, including yoga workouts for folks who can't make it to the mat (there are bed and chair exercises).... trainers we'd love to have at our local gym!"

First image of a larger yogi appears in national publication

Heart Healthy Living covers the start of the body positive yoga movement and adds a side bar on how to choose the right yoga class.

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HeavyWeight Yoga highlighted in Prevention Magazine

Abby's mission to make yoga accessible at every size is prominent in both the print and online editions of Prevention. Read the expanded online edition here!

Abby Named to Fitness Mag's Fit 50 List

Naming her "Yoga's Biggest Buff"
Fitness Magazine ranks Abby's HeavyWeight Yoga as
Number 5 on their Fit 50 List!

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Thoughts from Fit Yoga on Abby's DVD

Fit Yoga's review explores why Abby's DVD can work for larger bodies without shame or weight loss emphasis.

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Sun Sentinel give us the Skinny on HeavyWeight Yoga

Florida's health column. The Skinny, shines  light on how to make your yoga safe and effective.

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Bitch Magazine sounds off on why they like Abby's DVD

Placed on the Bitch'n List along with Hugh Hefner Abby still wonders how that happened to her in her sixties!

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Redbook points out how to be a yoga champ with HeavyWeight Yoga

Lifestyle magazine leader, Redbook, features Abby first DVD, Yoga for the Body You Have Today, on their list of 5 Ways to Live Healthy!

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Tips Abound in featured article in
Your Weight Matters

Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has Abby explain why yoga is not a 4-letter word!

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HeavyWeight Yoga DVD Picked by More

Abby's first DVD, Yoga for the Body You Have Today, crosses over from More's Best Yoga DVD category to be included in the Best Workout DVD dozen too!

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Natural Solutions Interviews Abby About Self Love and Yoga

Read Laurel Kallenbach's article on yoga and the art of self love as she

interviews HeavyWeight Yoga Founder Abby Lentz. Including a how-to side bar on the Do's and Don'ts of doing yoga with the body you have today.

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Woman's World

While WW missed the mark on the model,
they hit the bullseye in letting their readers
know about HeavyWeight Yoga.

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American Fitness

"By engaging in the unique HeavyWeight Yoga practices that Lentz has developed, students can experience the benefits of yoga, such as increased flexibility, added strength, improved balance and reduced stress." Download the PDF

Austin American-Statesman

Pam LeBlanc updates readers on the latest HeavyWeight Yoga DVD, Five X 25. Download the PDF.

All You Magazine

All You Magazine article"Wow, Really? The HeavyWeight Yoga DVD series, geared to people who are overweight or obese, features slower-paced classed that incorporate modified moves."

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