Layovers to yoga over!

June 29, 2016
Abby Lentz

If you're flying to your vacation destination you can appreciate that some airports now have yoga studios available. According to Rodale's Organic Life here's the best of the airport yoga studios.

More than likely however, like me you're not going to intersect with any of these half dozen airports. No worries however, it's easy to integrate yoga into your layovers without standing out as much as you might think.

Feel a low backache from the entire sitting? Do wall or sink support downward dog. Grab the sink or place your hands on a wall or door about hip high, step back until your hips are level with your hands (soft bend in the knees) and then press the hips away to lengthen you back and stretch your hamstrings.

Feel like you've been curled up all flight? While sitting reach back with both hands and hold onto your seParis Legsat, ground both feet and press your heart center forward squeezing the shoulder blades together as you stretch out across the front body shoulder to shoulder.

While you may not want or be able to stand on your head like the woman in the picture, you might find enough courage to get your legs up a wall or up on a chair. Here I am outside the Louvre in Paris giving my feet a thorough rest.

If being upsidedown in public isn't your style simply slip off your shoes and do the Point (toes pointing away to stretch the top of the foot); the Demi-Point (press through the ball of the foot while pulling the toes up and apart); and the Flex (press the heel away to stretch the Achilles and calf). In girly-girl shoe talk, that's a ballet toe shoe, sexy high heel and an earth shoe negative heel.

Check out my many travel stretches on YouTube on the HeavyWeightYoga channel. You'll find complete tips not just for flying but driving as well. My favorite prop to pack is my 10-foot strap. Put it somewhere you'll often see it to remind you when you're at your vacation spot to sprinkle a little yoga once you get there.

Most important travel with ease!

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