How Squats can boost your brain

November 28, 2022
Abby Lentz
Chair Pose with pillow support

Since yoga is over 5,000 years in the making, it seems that science is now catching up to why yoga's been around so long.  A fascinating look at the benefits of simple squats is at BBC Reel.  According to the BBC the up-down movement is like testing the shock absorbers of your brain.

In my Chair Yoga classes we affectionately call these squats "Tush Taps." It's a variation of Chair pose (Utkatasana).
While the BBC does a great job showing diverse squats, Reel fails to address form that works no matter your shape. Here's how you get good form, so you get all the benefits of this pose.

  1. Start with your Tadasana feet (insides of your feet parallel, standing true hip width apart). Keep your knees parallel. Placing a block or pillow between your knees can help maintain that alignment.
  2. Come down only as low as your knees allow — don't force it to go deeper.
  3. It's a brief pause using your exhale to lower, your inhale to lift.

When you sprinkle squats into your day, you'll find coming down lower will evolve for your practice. Yoga is even better, and more fun, when you practice. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips on how to sprinkle yoga. (Don't forget my DVDs are now on sale!)

One trick to this sprinkling, of course, is to attach your squats to another activity that you do often. Watching TV? Squat during commercials or between each show. Reading a book? Get up and do a few squats after a few chapters. In the kitchen? While the tea is steeping or coffee is brewing, add a few squats. Or add a few deep belly breaths, or add a favorite balance pose — you will find a little sprinkling of yoga throughout your day will add up to big benefits in the long run. Heap O Hugs! a.

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