Here comes the latest DVD!

January 15, 2015
Abby Lentz

5x25-coverI'm so excited! We've stocked up the latest DVD today, HeavyWeight Yoga 3: Five x 25. We've put it up for sale at all of our outlets — the new shop at; as always, Amazon; and of course our own online HeartFelt outlet. (Shipping at HeavyWeight is FREE.) I have so many people to thank for making my dream come true. But most of all, I want to thank my students. Whether you practice with me using the DVD in your home, or you have been to a retreat or inside my Austin studios, you're the ones who teach me, so I can spread your courage and spark.

Of course, the great thing about doing three DVDs is you learn more about what people need with each one. People love the first two (sorry if I brag there.) Now my latest helps people who don't have a lot of time to practice, but want the benefits that yoga brings for them. You'll love this list: Increased mobility and flexibility. Decreased stress and lower blood pressure. Body detoxification and improved elimination. Muscle tone and joint lubrication. The list of yoga benefits goes on and on. As science improves it has come to validate what people for thousands of years have known instinctively:  Doing yoga makes you feel better.

In just 25 minutes, with just one click, those benefits can be yours, regardless of your size or circumstance. It's a body positive approach to yoga so you can start your yoga practice with the body you have today. The DVD has inspiration woven throughout the poses as you:

5X25_Back• Develop core without leaving the floor
• Build Upper Body Strength
• Expand Your Flexibility
• Practice Bed Top yoga for all times of the day
• Enjoy a Stress Buster for complete relaxation

Join me on the newest leg of our journey to health together. And please, let me know in your comments here, and in your reviews on Amazon and Sears, how it's helping you — and how I can serve you better in the years to come.

I honor the light within you.



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