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Don’t let the benefits of yoga pass you by because of your weight or body size.

HeavyWeight Yoga DVDs are especially designed for people who are overweight or obese allowing for complete stretching and body renewal.

HeavyWeight Yoga is about the 3 A’s:

  • Awareness

  • Acceptance

  • Affection

Through gentle pacing, use of props and modifications, you will be able to reclaim your best self and sense of well-being. This program is not about diet, aerobic exercise, or weight loss. No prior yoga experience is needed.

The DVDs are available through this website’s shop, through Amazon, and on eBay at the Violet Crown Emporium.

HeavyWeight Yoga DVD Yoga for the Body You Have Today selected by:

  • Fitness Magazine Fit 50 List

  • More Magazine’s Best Workout DVD Dozen and More’s Best Yoga DVDs

  • Rebook Magazine’s 5 Ways to Live Healthy

  • American Fitness Exercise Update
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