Iodine and Baby Oil

September 16, 2010
Abby Lentz

If you're of the generation that remembers when an elixir of iodine and baby oil was your suntan lotion — then you should be thinking about skin cancer today.

Before Coppertone labels had the letters SPF printed on them, before people thought about being out in the sun as something dangerous, mothers would send their kids outside to play all day. I always felt fortunate to have grown up on the banks of the Potomac River where as kids we swam until the jellyfish came in then kicked around in the sand collecting shells.

Not so lucky today at 76, as I've  just had my 3rd skin cancer removal. This time since it was on my back I had to take serious precautions to rest and restrict movement, especially to avoid breaking the inner stitches. Clearing the margins was necessary not only for the surface edges but also for the depth. As most of you know it's rare for me to cancel classes unless I'm headed out of town, but my dermatologist practices yoga so she knew how to put the kabash on my returning to yoga in days as I had planned.

If you haven't been giving skin cancer a thought — please do. Go for an annual check-up and keep going as directed.
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