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Hamstring stretch in the bath

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving — just around the corner, or every day?

I so enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. It's all about food and friendship, a chance to pause and reflect on all the best life has offered us. It makes me wonder if there's any reason Thanksgiving couldn't happen every day. Maybe not the turkey, mashers, and pies — but that chance to just express gratitude for all the simple things we've been gifted.

It's easy to express gratitude over big things like getting a bonus or winning the lottery, but it's those little daily pluses that actual make our life hum and run with ease.  When overwhelmed by all the dark and difficult things around, I find that to be the perfect time to hit the reset button and recall all that I have to be grateful for — my list is long. Please know that includes all of you that have made my dream of being a yoga teacher come true.

As you'd expect, there are no yoga classes Thanksgiving Day, Thursday 11/24. However, the days before the holiday we will be in Houston with our grandgirls, so I'll be out Monday 11/21 and Wednesday 11/23.

We're back on Saturday 11/26 for both the Chair at 9a and the Extended mat at 10:30a. Schedule changes can always be found on my class calendar on my site.

Magic Numbers For Us All

Today the San Antonio Spurs magic number to get into the playoff round  is 2. It reminded me of one of my favorite posts from 2017 when the playoff format was different, but the Magic Numbers sytem worked just the same. ENJOY!

As most of you already know, I love basketball and am passionate about my San Antonio Spurs. Even though he's now retired, I love having us all stretch Tim Duncan Tall. Just as on and off the yoga mat, there’s lots of life to be learned on and off the basketball court.

A spectacular slamdunk and an ordinary tip-in both score the same 2 points. Sportsmanship counts, reflected not only in final scores, but also in humility during and after the game. A Hall of Fame player often never wears a Finals ring.

As playoff time nears there's a lot of talk about a team's Magic Number. This is a combination of wins and losses that determines a team’s ranking in the playoffs. You can advance by winning, but you can also advance by someone else winning over your close competition.

It all sounds more mathematical than it really is, but it got me to thinking — what if in life we all had a Magic Number? So many good deeds, so many acts of kindness and we'd go to the championship round. Do something not so good — and we all do — no worries, our friends will help us out and push us ahead.

I like thinking our Life Magic Number is infinite in scope. That in our lifetime we all will have enough opportunity to do good to make us champions, even if there's no ring at the end of the season.


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