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HeavyWeight Yoga Video Tip

Hamstring stretch in the bath

Leaning In To A Fresh Image

Shooting-at-Korrys-300x284I had great fun this afternoon at my photo shoot for this year's publicity run. Working on my wide-leg forward bend was a real eye-opener. I got myself right down into the pose, and with just about no warmup. I don't recommend this. I'm a yoga teacher and have my tough days too. Be sure to warm yourself up before practicing any pose. Well, not my favorite, tadasanda (Mountain Pose). You can practice that one waiting in line anywhere.

Taking photos might seem like a real ego kind of afternoon. It was for me, but it's not what you'd think. You reveal yourself while you're in front of any camera, sharing who you are with everybody in the world who's watching that TV show, that video, or even reading a health and fitness website. My image is out there, but my mission has always been to Change the Image of Yoga. (In fact, that's the title of my second DVD).

No matter your size or situation, you can change the image of yoga each time you practice. It doesn't matter if you're practicing with me in my Austin classes, with one of my teachers around America, or just in the comfort of your home watching a DVD. What's most important is that the image of yourself keeps changing. You want to see that picture of yourself in a loving pose, listening to that voice that talks to you 24x7, hearing that voice talking to you as if you are your own best friend.

Yoga can help you see that image. Wide-leg forward bend is an advanced pose. Finding the awareness, acceptance, affection for yourself is a foundational pose. People will see you in a flash of new light, like the flash of the camera or the hot lights of the TV studio. Turn it on for yourself.

A Great Newsfix on Houston's TV

Taping-with-Courtney-Newsfix-300x225I was thrilled to be interviewed for the Houston TV station KIAH this week, the CW39 channel. Not only did I get to show the city's viewers the latest from the Heavyweight Yoga 3 DVD, two Houston-area teachers that I've trained got their moments in front of the camera as well. Rowan and Leah expressed themselves with passion and spark. They're great representatives of the Heavyweight Yoga teachings.

The CW39 has a very unique news hour. Newsfix is full of one- and two-minute stories, and it's got a great sense of humor. It's news that pitched for the younger viewer. It's got an app where you can see its stories, and Courtney and the crew there at the station were gracious with their time.

Newsfix-open-screen-300x189Heavyweight Yoga got its due thanks to their work. Being on Newsfix was an example of how yoga's gotten into the mainstream conversation by now. People want to get the word out. It feels like interest is higher than ever. When I look back over the 42 years that I've practiced and taught yoga, it's gone from something for hippies and cult activity, to a genuine lifestyle choice.

Yoga is everywhere. It's available to anyone who wants to try it, use it, and love themselves. I told Courtney while I was on camera that making changes in your life is only possible from within. When you love yourself, that's the best way.

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