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HeavyWeight Yoga Video Tip

Hamstring stretch in the bath

The Path For Best Laid Plans

Holidays are often a way to carve out time for yourself that's sanctioned by the calendar. This Memorial Day you can kick-start your summer at the HeavyWeight Yoga Women's Retreat at the serene Camp Allen.

Path at Camp AllenInstead of a holiday to get away, we're all coming to understand Memorial Day as a family holiday, one of the first of the year. But what if you consider taking care of yourself a holiday gift to your family? If that's true, you will want the support and love of others around you as you create that gift. The benefits are not just for you, but for everyone who loves you. That all starts with loving yourself. It's the third A of the HeavyWeight Way: Affection.

A retreat often is a special and even a sacred event in our lives. You make plans for your future at a retreat, because you're laying a foundation. A few days away can truly deliver best-laid plans. My Spring HeavyWeight Yoga Women's Retreat will let us explore time, yoga, and you. Consider this retreat as a pathway to find the time to deliver to yourself. Lay down that path for your time to come.

Join me for a weekend of retreat this spring. Let's find joy together in time we will spend on ourselves.

Making Movements Count

Tonight I'll be enjoying the NBA Playoff game between my beloved San Antonio Spurs and the LA Clippers. One way that the Spurs succeed is with ball movement. They make every pass to each other count, until they get the best shot, going from good shot to great shot. And it reminded me about my last visit to San Antonio, to appear on KSAT's SA Live — and talk about making movements count.

I told Fiona Gorostiza on the program that HeavyWeight Yoga was created to give people who are overweight or affected by obesity a safe place to do yoga. People came from out of nowhere, from out of their living rooms, people who would never walk into a gym or a yoga studio. They'd say, “We read about yoga. We want those benefits. But there isn’t a safe place for us to come practice.”

I’ve created a safe place with HeavyWeight Yoga.

These methods make sure that every movement counts. Here's an example. If I’m trying to stretch my hamstrings and I have both legs out in front, my belly and the tops of my legs come together, and the stretch is not being realized. If I recreate the pose and be sure there’s a space for my belly, by using the Energetic Swipe, I can come deep into the stretch and be safe all at the same time. And not be wasting my time.

With HeavyWeight Yoga, it’s never about the number of repetitions. It’s about your body being able to receive the work.

On KSATTo do a HeavyWeight Yoga roll-up, I begin with my feet together and my knees apart. You’ll see by starting in that position that there’s space for the belly. My arms are out and my hands are staying parallel. I’m moving slowly in my pose, breathing the arms up and then overhead, then lowering to the mat. And then with the breath, coming up one vertabrae at a time. I’m using muscle, not momentum. In a gym, you’d be doing 10 crunches in an exercise, when I’m only doing three roll-ups. But my body’s getting a great benefit.

Little movements go a long way to loving who you are.

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