HeavyWeight Yoga DVD 3: Five By 25: Five 25 Minute Yoga Sessions

Find the time to do yoga with this amazing DVD

Five By 25 delivers five unique yoga sessions each targeted on five different areas. In less than a half hour from start to finish you’ll find a yoga benefit to fit your needs from centering and breath work right through to final relaxation. Five 25-minute classes each complete with just one click.
A body positive approach to yoga so you can start your yoga practice with the body you have today. Inspiration woven throughout poses as you:• Develop core without leaving the floor

  • Build Upper Body Strength
  • Expand Your Flexibility
  • Bed Top yoga for all times of the day
  • Stress Buster for complete relaxation

All sessions have individual bonus tips to make
the most of your time and energy. Plus, ongoing YouTube Online Extras to support user questions on the HeavyWeight Yoga Channel.

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